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At Barnard Howard LLC, We provide a wide range of consulting services tailored to our clients’ needs. Our Global Supply-Chain Management services are designed to analyze, confront, and solve your issues wherever they may be. We Are a results-oriented Business Management Consultants and will work with you throughout the entire supply-chain process. Contact us to find out how we can help today.



Our Consulting Services focus on integrated solutions designed to enhance the performance of your business. By incorporation industry best practices into your business processes and management strategies, we can help you stay ahead of the competition and better serve your customers. Our services include:
· Business Strategy & Planning Support
· Change Management & Facilitation Support
· CMMI Process Development and Assessment Services
· Security Assessment
· Program Management
· Financial/Statistical Analysis
· Training

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Our Technology Services focus on developing robust, secure and stable technology solutions for your business. By incorporating common sense solutions into seemingly daunting deliverables, we can ensure at the start of the project that we will safely deliver the product to completion. Our services include:
· Application & Web, Design & Development
· Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Integration
· Data Cleansing & Conversion
· Database Design, Development, & Maintenance
· Architecture Solutions
· Verification & Validation Service

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Many companies these days choose to focus on their core strengths and outsource certain business processes. If you choose to go that route, Barnard Howard can help you in the following areas:
· Business Process Outsourcing
· Application Outsourcing
· Resource Management and Staff Augmentation
· Help Desk Services
· Infrastructure Outsourcing

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Barnard Howard LLC is your go-to source for all things consulting. Since 2007, we have provided our clients with a wide range of services tailored to their specific needs. As an industry-leading Business Management Consultant, our Corporate Finance Consulting services are guaranteed to put you back on the track of success. Call us today and find out how we can help you achieve your goals.


How efficient are your organization’s processes? “Work that adds no value in your customers’ eyes typically comprises 50% of total service costs”* according to Michael George [2003]. George states this represents an “enormous potential in “white collar” processes for speed, quality, and cost improvements”. Further, unless the organization has been proactive at data management, it likely has data accuracy & security vulnerabilities. Ask Barnard Howard how its Business Process Optimization services – to improve operational efficiency; coupled with its data, content and information management services – to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and security of data, has a profound impact on the productivity of organizations and the value they deliver to their customers.

BHLLC delivers results:

Agility – More nimble, improved responsiveness & flexibility;

Efficiency – Delivering more with the same investment;

Traceability – meeting regulatory requirements;

Transparency – operations are visible to management;

Increased value – improved customer satisfaction.