Digital Intelligence Quotient: Measuring a “d-sub’s” Digital Transformation preparedness Be relevan

Change is tough at the best of times, and it’s not that we need to compare one subject to another but, each subject in the digital world [d-subs] needs a means of measuring its education about transformation and assessing its propensity, degree of preparedness, to handle transformation and integration with components of the digitally transforming world. The concept of a Digital Intelligence Quotient is a mechanism that provides a mechanism to speak to a d-subs preparedness for transformation.

Unquestionably this measure is as dynamic as the eco-system it measures however, it provides us with an ability to link-up d-subs of like measures; and know if they are gaps needs to be filled to ensure an effective integration.

Digital transformation encompasses many genres that drive business today. Everything, from the digital technology, the applications, data analytics, Big Data, process engineering, Industry 4.0 and the people themselves, are facing a whole on frontal assault of change.

The Digital Intelligence Quotient is a means of understanding the “d-sub’s” ability to comprehend and incorporate change in the concept of the ever-evolving digital eco-system. Digital Transformation is the new disrupter.

Unlike other mechanisms of the past where we evaluated data one way, technology another, and the people developing and using the systems, still another way: those lines are blurred and may not even exist anymore. All the components are working as one to provide a competitively delivered, more compelling customer experience.

Think about Uber the ride share company. When you call an Uber there is the application, there is the driver, the rider, the network of cloud servers, the vehicles themselves with drivers or autonomous: it is truly a wholistic solution. Each component works separately yet integrated with the components around to complete the circuit and deliver an enhanced customer experience. The harmony and balance is that of a 60 piece orchestra.

It is an integrated supply chain that is all focused on the customer.

Elements of the Digital Intelligence Quotient include:

  • Ease of use for the customer

  • Ability to adapt to change within the subject’s control

  • Ability to adapt to the “system’s” change around the subject

  • Capacity to see future opportunity

  • Capability to design for the future

  • Ability to analyze and leverage the data around – Big Data

The quotient can be applied to:

  • The technology that hosts the applications & data

  • The applications that manage the back end and those that manage the customer facing

  • The architecture of the data and the tools that analyze it

  • The equipment that delivers the solution and more autonomous each day as it learns

  • The people themselves that are still the creative intelligence that is at the head of it all.

During the past 70 years the world has experienced continuous breakthroughs that have transformed how we live our lives. No doubt telephones, televisions, appliances, automobiles and many other technologically induced components of life, have caused humans to want to understand and measure how we personally are changing and interacting.

We are now an integral part of the solution and should have a measure that enables us to be one with the transformation journey, not the creators or the recipients but truly integrated.

In the information technology transformation journey was humans that:

  • built the computers

  • developed the operating systems

  • developed the applications

  • advanced the structure of systems [SDLC’s, Waterfall, Iterative, Agile]

  • reengineered business to incorporate technology [Business Process Engineering]

  • advanced Artificial Intelligence [business, technology, data intelligence]

  • advanced the customer experience delivery mechanisms [mobility]

  • created intelligent apps

  • designing ways to leverage what we have to exploit and be relevant in the era of Digital Transformation.

It is a Digital world and it will forevermore use digital to drive technology, data, data analytics, the applications, the delivery mechanisms, and the people, each a d-sub.

A Digital Intelligence Quotient provides the mechanism to ensure that like d-subs can be connected and that we remedy gaps between d-subs to get the most out of the integrated supply chain solutions that are created.

01000100 01001001 01000111 01001001 01010100 01000001 01001100

01010100 01010010 01000001 01001110 01010011 01000110 01001111 01010010 01001101 01000001 01010100 01001001 01001111 01001110

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