Digital Intelligence: Intersecting humans, machines, and data

Today the solution is “the” solution. No longer can solution providers solve singularly for the optimum business process; the best technology; the most efficient data architecture; the coolest interface; it all has to act as one.

Digital transformation is about creating an integrated and seamless ecosystem that doesn’t differentiate its components, its subjects, rather is strives to create the most awesome customer experience.

In a recent assignment with an international apparel brand the mission was clear: provide the customer with the coolest most engaging method to buy exactly what they want. The solution to a complete integration of customer interface, advanced technology, and data analytics: all working together to provide a solution that worked with the customer to understand the customers wants, its needs, and desires based on historical purchases and analytics of what was important to the customer based on browser history.

This is one example of the concept of digital transformation. You can wait for the customer to come to the store and browse, you need to be fully engaged with the customer and use digital intelligence to understand the customer and predict what might be their next need or want before they do.

Another cool example is GNC. GNC use to capture your purchases and as you checked out, the nutrition consultant had the opportunity to make recommendations that augment what you have purchased.

Today, when you enter the store the consultant asks you for your phone number and can instantly see what you have purchased and make recommendation about subsequent purchases that enhance your customer experience.

The next step in this digital transformation will be the ability to link up with your mobile phone or watch as soon as you come in the store and lead you on a path to selecting products that compliment what you have, what you are buying, and what you might want next.

This is a wholistic view of an integrated supply chain that has been transformed by the digital transformation movement. All pieces working in harmony, interacting and adapting to the ecosystem around. This commands the need for a level of intelligence between the working components ensuring the most efficient, economical and robust customer experience.

Digital Transformation is creating “the” solution.

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